Apple Pie

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Freshly Baked Apple Pie


As we roll toward the conclusion of our Gather at the Table manuscript, Tom and I decided to take a short break and do something mindless. Refocusing for a while on something other than writing usually helps one regain focus on the literary task at hand.

When I am alone, I disconnect myself from my computer. I get up, walk around, go outside, go for a drive, watch mindless TV … anything to clear my head and get my circulation (mental and physical) flowing. One of my favorite diversions, however, is cooking. Those of you who know me know that I express myself quite well in the kitchen. If I didn’t have the discipline to not eat everything I cook, I would weigh 900 pounds. As it is, my neighbors are most appreciative of my gourmet donations to their family of five.

The cooking thing seems to work for Tom as well. Yesterday, we decided to take a break and make apple pies…. big, fat, fresh, hot, juicy, hand crafted pies … from freshly picked apples.

Just like our work on the book, the pie making was a great exercise in teamwork. Tom peeled the apples; I cored and sliced them. Tom whipped up the pastry crust like an expert. I pricked the crusts, spiced and arranged the apples in the pie plates, programmed the oven and set the timer. Tom dusted the tops with sugar, cut the steam vents and into the oven they went.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. the tantalizing aroma of cinnamon wafting through the house was intoxicating. We breathed the smell in deeply as we returned to our computers to resume work while the pies bubbled in the oven.

When they were cooked, we pulled them out and marvelled at what we had done. Four perfect pies. It was all we could do to not devour them in one sitting. For safety’s sake, we took one to the beneficent neighbors who gave us the apples. We ate one and have two more to get us through the week. (Hmmmmmmmmm…. apple pie as a new drug?)

Now we know, if our book is not a best seller, we can always go into the baking business.

BTW: The photo here is NOT the pie we baked. Ours looked much better. I am afraid to show you the real thing because we don’t have enough to go around 🙂

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  1. sylvielewi8 says:

    Hi Sharon, What a beautiful pie. Thanx for sharing. would you like to publish your recipe in my cookbook? It's in the works now.

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