Book Jacket for Gather at the Table: well done, Beacon Press!

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Another significant milestone was achieved this past week when Sharon and I each received a package in the mail from our publisher, Beacon Press. The dust jacket for Gather at the Table is now printed and awaiting the hard bound book it will soon cover. Though we’ve shared the image of the front of the dust jacket in our blog and on our website for a few months now, the feeling of accomplishment an author experiences when holding the actual, printed dust jacket is exceeded only by when the actual book is received.

The spine is a reminder that your work will rest permanently upon book shelves with the title, publisher’s logo, and your name looking out at anyone checking out their friend’s library to see what kind of books they read.

The back of the jacket is evidence that influential people you respect have read and endorsed your work. In our case, this includes Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee, internationally respected author and peacebuilding professor John Paul Lederach, “the world’s toughest book critics” Kirkus Reviews, The Little Book of Trauma Healing author Carolyn Yoder, and co-founder of Growing a Global Heart, Belvie Rooks.

The inside flaps describe us, the authors, and the journey Sharon and I embarked upon more than four years ago; a description we trust will inspire people to read Gather at the Table and continue on their own journeys of healing and building peace and justice.

Less than two months remain until Gather at the Table is released on October 9. Sharon and I will be in Harrisonburg, Virginia that day to celebrate our book’s publication with a chapel filled with peacebuilders at Eastern Mennonite University. We’ll then begin a new journey together to share our stories with people in locations across the United States that we anticipate will last well into 2013.

We’re grateful, excited, and still have a lot of work to do before October 9. We hope to see you along the road somewhere… or at least through the pages of our book.

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  1. Yvette Moyo says:

    May the blessingg continue to rain down.

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