Buy Gather at the Table from Beacon Press to support Coming to the Table

Posted August 23rd, 2012 by

Save money AND support the ongoing, healing work of Coming to the Table.

We are excited to announce that Coming to the Table (the community through which Sharon and I met – and that inspired us to embark upon our healing journey) has become an Affiliate of Beacon Press.

What this means for readers wanting to purchase Gather at the Table is that if you order directly from our publisher, the following will happen:

  1. You will receive a 20% discount
  2. You will receive free shipping
  3. Coming to the Table will receive a 10% donation from Beacon Press for every book purchased

Plus, you can purchase virtually ANY book directly from Beacon Press and receive the same benefits, including the contribution from Beacon to Coming to the Table. Check out The King Legacy Series and other inspiring books coming this Fall.

To pre-order Gather at the Table directly from Beacon Press, simply click here. Enter the promotional code CTTT at checkout.

Huge kudos to Beacon Press for offering this opportunity to our readers, for your stellar support for Sharon and me, AND for supporting Coming to the Table!

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