Gather at the Table named Barnes & Noble Bookseller Pick for November!

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The eBook of Gather at the Table has been selected as a Barnes & Noble ( “Favorite Current Affairs” Bookseller Pick for November!

After appearing on the Amazon Movers & Shakers list, and being named by Random House among the four books it highlighted in its October e-Newsletter for “NEW Freshman-Year Reading Titles from Random House“, this is exciting news indeed!

Five readers have now reviewed Gather at the Table on All five reviews to date rate the book with five stars; the highest possible rating. We are grateful and hope such accolades inspire more people to read our book.

The word about Gather at the Table continues to spread!


One response to “Gather at the Table named Barnes & Noble Bookseller Pick for November!”

  1. Andrea says:

    Although I enjoyed Gather at the Table, I was struck by some omissions and startling revelations in the book. I loathe slavery and its aftermath, and agree it continues to influence the woof and warp of our individual and societal fiber, but I don't think it accounts for all of Morgan's anger. Although she competently and unflinchingly confronts and analyzes the insidious effects of slavery, she does not confront her own contradictions with the same determination. My eyes almost fell out when I read that she embraces corporal punishment. I find it astounding that someone who deplores slavery can believe in a disciplinary method that utilizes physical punishment and submission– the very foundation of the slave system! Less astounding, but equally disquieting, is her membership in the National Rifle Association. Someone who owns a rifle, as she does, doesn't have to belong to that organization, yet she does. The NRA advocates for gun policies that are known to increase handgun ownership, which put minority communities at greater risk.

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