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To follow up on Sharon’s “Writer’s Paradise” post, we hope these photos will highlight for you the beauty of Tobago, Richmond Great House, and how much Sharon, Lindi and I loved this working getaway…

You’ll notice that there are no photos here of us actually working; of Sharon and me writing, of Lindi transcribing recordings and taking photos. We may post some of those later. These images focus on the island and what a great time we had. We ate well–thanks to Chef Sharon’s cooking (all of you who have feasted at her table know what I’m talking about!)–and we definitely took time to enjoy Tobago’s warmth (ahh!), many beaches, rain forest (oldest in the Western Hemisphere), fresh fruits, and other tropical delights.

We also successfully drafted three chapters and did a great deal of additional research. Tobago will be featured prominently in Gather at the Table. Enjoy the photos!

3 responses to “Images of Tobago”

  1. Nancy DeWolf says:

    Looks like you guys really had a rought time!! Ha! Just kidding. I'm sure you got lots of work done, but what a beautiful spot to do it in!

  2. Enjoyed every picture, especially Sharon and Thomas sitting on the shore on a log. Hint…cover or back page.

    • thomasdewolf says:

      One of the big mistakes I made with Inheriting the Trade was not having nearly enough photos to choose from. Sharon and I are taking LOTS of pictures for this project. I'm glad you enjoyed these from Tobago!

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