Lindi DeWolf, Published Photographer

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Please indulge me as I highlight a milestone achieved by my wife, Lindi DeWolf. Today she signed a Letter of Agreement with Beacon Press granting our publisher permission to use her photography on the cover of Gather at the Table.

Lindi traveled with Sharon and me on a few occasions in Oregon, New York, and Tobago to be our photographer. She took thousands of pictures along the way. In addition to the image on the book cover, several others will be utilized for other publicity purposes.

It’s gratifying to have her participation in our journey show up in this way. (Thanks for taking some great photos, sweetheart!)

2 responses to “Lindi DeWolf, Published Photographer”

  1. Deborah Ferrenz says:

    Congrats to your wife, to you and to Ms.Morgan. I will definitely want to find out more about the book. What's the publication date?

  2. Tom DeWolf says:

    Thanks for your comment, Deborah. Publication date is October 9. We'll begin extensive touring in support of the publication at that time. Our first appearance, on October 9, will be at Eastern Mennonite University. We'll add more to our schedule under the "Appearances" tab above in the coming weeks.

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