My BFF Died

Posted April 10th, 2011 by

My computer crashed last Friday.

I cannot describe the sickening feeling in my stomach when I realized that my best friend was on its last legs.

I immediately rushed it to the technology hospital where expert advice was rendered. Super technical efforts were employed at great expense to save its life. After two insufferable days of hoping and praying for its resuscitation, it was pronounced dead on Sunday morning. In passing, it took with it several years worth of documents, emails, contact lists, 45 gigs of music and countless photos.

The autopsy showed that it had been sick for quite a long time. Thus the reason it failed to send data to its external drive since last fall. In an attempt to hide its illness, it led me to believe otherwise, announcing every evening that a full back-up had been successful concluded.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was responsible for its demise. Maybe it was overheated by the barrage of words Tom and I produced during our one week book writing marathon.

I cried as I handed over several hundred dollars for a replacement unit.

Fortunately, through the valiant efforts of a tech doctor who refused to give up — all of my data was miraculously salvaged and transplanted.

As the beating heart of my new machine sprang into life, I was filled with joy. The new unit has so many bells and whistles, I am actually enjoying getting to know it.

How easily we forget our old friends.

4 responses to “My BFF Died”

  1. Nancy DeWolf says:

    Oh, Sharon, I am so happy you got everything back! Hallelujah! You must have felt just sick about losing all of that work and wonderful thoughts and writing, etc. Thank God there are people out there who can perform miracles on these computers that are great when they're working fine, but can really mess you up when they're not.

    I am really looking forward to reading yours and Tom's book when it comes out!

    Love, Didie

  2. Having experienced a similar loss, I was holding my breath as I read this and then sighed a great relief when you revealed that your data had been saved. HALLELUJAH!!!! Thank you Jesus (Heyzues)…for real!…:)

  3. Pat says:

    This is everyone's worst nightmare. So happy you were able to retrieve your data…

  4. Willene says:

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