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Noon. Monday, October 24, 2011. We delivered our manuscript to Beacon Press in Boston.

Two days before, on Saturday, we concluded a marathon of in-person writing and editing. After two weeks of never ending days, we closed the book on what has been one of the most fascinating and meaningful undertakings in both our lives. We wordsmithed every sentence, page and chapter, commiserating over how to say what; what to keep, what to toss.  Late that night, we consigned the final version of our manuscript to a neon green arm band flash drive and wrapped it around Tom’s wrist for safekeeping.

On Sunday, we set out for Boston to deliver its contents in person. We loaded my trusty Jeep for the 233 mile drive, sadly leaving our road dog, Nemo, behind.

On Monday, we gathered in the Beacon conference room with the team responsible for bringing our labor of love to light. We spent hours discussing the content of our manuscript and planning the evolution and promotion of the final product. We decided on a sub-title; selected photos for the dust cover and organized next steps in the production process. With every moment that ticked by on the clock, our book became more tangible.

There is more editing and fine-tuning to be done in order to reach publication. However, the most arduous part is complete. Gather at the Table is no longer something in our heads and hearts; it will soon be born into the real world. Through our writing, our journey will come to life for the readers we hope will flock to book stores and online portals to buy it when it launches in Fall, 2012.

Although the book is done, the healing continues. As you will see when you read it, our lives remain a work in progress.

Monday was a magical day!

4 responses to “Special Delivery”

  1. phil says:

    very exciting. can't wait to read it.

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  3. June Nicholson says:

    I am so happy that the end is in sight. I feel like I've been on the journey with you. I feel your excitement and your relief for a long time coming. Congratulations! Love Aunt June

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