Gather at the Table #5 in Race Relations books on Amazon

Posted October 9th, 2012 by Thomas Norman DeWolf

Publication Day success! We learned this evening that there were enough copies ordered on Amazon today to make Gather at the Table #5 in the categories of “Race Relations” as well as “Discrimination and Racism.” The only authors with books ranked higher in those categories are Michelle Alexander, Barack Obama, and Octavia Butler! Thanks to […]


Posted July 15th, 2012 by Thomas Norman DeWolf

In a world plagued by violence, barbarity and war, it is hard to conceive of ever living in peace. Yet, that is a dream cherished by the three women who won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize: Leymah Gbowee, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Tawakel Karman. All are crusaders who fight for peace against seemingly insurmountable odds. Of […]

Healing Wounds of History through Transformative Theater

Posted June 19th, 2012 by Thomas Norman DeWolf

I’ve been home from Virginia for a few days now. I continue to think about all that I experienced in the Summer Peacebuilding Institute class in which I participated at Eastern Mennonite University: Healing the Wounds of History: Peacebuilding through Transformative Theater. Our instructor, Armand Volkas, is a psychotherapist, drama therapist and theater director. He […]

Jordan’s Stormy Banks

Posted June 16th, 2012 by Thomas Norman DeWolf

Salt Lake City, Utah. I sit in the terminal for an almost-four-hour layover thinking about the past week at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute, Healing the Wounds of History through the use of Transformative Theater, and how deep the traumatic wounds can be that impact all of us. I plan to write about the class I […]